The Sovereign Rerouter

Rerouter? The Rerouter service is a physical shipping service that acts as a privacy preserving package routing service. The process: You decide on the item/vendor you want to order and place the order with the Sovereign Stack team. ( ) The SovStack team orders the item for you. None of your information is used… Continue reading The Sovereign Rerouter

Building Your Sovereign Money Network- Part 2

This is the second post in our Sovereign money series. You can find our first post in the series here. We've already discussed the reasons why its important to build a strong network for crypto on and off-ramps. We need the correct adversarial framing. Let's begin with asking ourselves, "if I needed to live on… Continue reading Building Your Sovereign Money Network- Part 2

Building Your Sovereign Money Network

How do you first become sovereign without having control of your money? How do you become ungovernable by relenting power over your money to the state? What do you do should you be banned from using the banking system? If you decide to opt out of the banking system, What options are available to you?… Continue reading Building Your Sovereign Money Network

How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

​Before diving in, check out the previous post about the privacy issues of mobile devices. This post will address specific strategies around obtaining private mobile phones and plans. TL;DR Use cash for all transactions.Obtain a factory unlocked mobile phone from retail store (bonus for face mask purchase).Put phone in Faraday bag when it's not in… Continue reading How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

Financial Obsolescence

A new financial reporting requirement has been introduced alongside the hotly debated incoming infrastructure bill. The reporting requirements allows the government further insight into any bank accounts with cashflows of a minimium $600. You can assume "structuring" also plays a functionary role here. Assuming here, $600 is not the lower bound. Financial surveillance is certainly one of… Continue reading Financial Obsolescence