How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

​Before diving in, check out the previous post about the privacy issues of mobile devices. This post will address specific strategies around obtaining private mobile phones and plans. TL;DR Use cash for all transactions.Obtain a factory unlocked mobile phone from retail store (bonus for face mask purchase).Put phone in Faraday bag when it's not in… Continue reading How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

Why Privately Purchased Phones Benefit You

By now, you know your phone is a live tracking device. To what extent though? Both the GPS and the internal antenna expose your physical location. It's best to assume your mobile phone carrier and manufacturer can access this information. And if they can, you better assume malicious actors can as well. Ok so your… Continue reading Why Privately Purchased Phones Benefit You

Let’s Talk About Decentralized Messaging Platforms

First, why encrypted apps? You shouldn't have to worry about middlemen accessing your personal conversations. So we look for apps that are end-to-end encrypted and are zero-knowledge based services. There are a bunch of different encrypted messaging applications that offer good security. Signal is now a well-known end-to-end encrypted messenger. You can have fully encrypted… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Decentralized Messaging Platforms

How to Think About Private Mail Drops

TL:DR Making purchases online comes with privacy implications.Here's how to avoid having a profile built on you based on your purchase and shipping data.Set up a PO BOX/UPS box with an alias name/company.Use private Bitcoin or Monero to order from online retailer sto alias name/company. You need to consider the privacy implications when buying things… Continue reading How to Think About Private Mail Drops

Avoid Databases and Centralized Systems

TL;DR Avoid inputting data about yourself where ever possible. Look for other solutions. It's not as convenient as we've grown accustomed to, but with a little search you'll find tools like: and Or visit our Privacy Resources page where we've done some of the leg work. Databases pose massive risks to your privacy.… Continue reading Avoid Databases and Centralized Systems

What does your privacy mean to you?

Only you can answer this question. Valuing privacy should not feel dirty. It's your responsibility to strengthen the controls around who has access to your information. You're here because you want answers as to how. Taking back control IS the only answer. Privacy and private moments shape our lives. Sharing an intimate moment with someone, and only… Continue reading What does your privacy mean to you?

How to establish your personal privacy policy

The internet wasn't designed with privacy and security in mind and so we have entities of all kind mismanaging our data with reckless abandon. Removing yourself from the picture that is the internet isn't the most realistic form of privacy, no. That is if you still want to participate in it. You'll stand out more… Continue reading How to establish your personal privacy policy