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How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

​Before diving in, check out the previous post about the privacy issues of mobile devices. This post will address specific strategies around obtaining private mobile phones and plans. TL;DR Use cash for all transactions. Obtain a factory unlocked mobile phone from retail store (bonus for face mask purchase). Put phone in Faraday bag when it’s… Continue reading How to Privately Buy a Private Phone (A Primer)

Let’s Talk About Decentralized Messaging Platforms

First, why encrypted apps? You shouldn’t have to worry about middlemen accessing your personal conversations. So we look for apps that are end-to-end encrypted and are zero-knowledge based services. There are a bunch of different encrypted messaging applications that offer good security. Signal is now a well-known end-to-end encrypted messenger. You can have fully encrypted… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Decentralized Messaging Platforms


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