The Sovereign Rerouter


The Rerouter service is a physical shipping service that acts as a privacy preserving package routing service.

The process:

  1. You decide on the item/vendor you want to order and place the order with the Sovereign Stack team. ( )
  2. The SovStack team orders the item for you. None of your information is used when placing the order.
  3. After the SovStack team receives your item(s), The item(s) are forwarded to your desired destination.

Why Reroute?

When ordering from an online vendor, Your data sits in a database and everyday needs to be protected from external and internal parties. As seen time and time again, breaches happen often and only a matter of time before information is dumped/leaked/extorted.The size of the company and the amount of money invested in security doesn’t matter. Once breached, the information is out there.

Potential attack vectors:

  • Zero-Day attacks
  • Incorrect security configurations
  • Internal Data Breach
  • Careless handling of data
  • Database stores password as plaintext or old hash function instead of an up-to date cryptographic hash

Depending on the item(s) you’ve ordered, an attacker can learn about your lifestyle. (

Risks Relating to Leaked Information:

  • Identity Theft
  • Extortion
  • Doxxing
  • Armed Robbery
  • Spam & Phishing

The best way to mitigate this centralizing data risk is to not provide the information at all.

Other Services like Rerouter

Potential Risks with Using a Middleman/Service Provider

What are the potential risks when using a service like us? We’ve built a solution to try and break the data parasitism of the consumer. We stand between the consumer’s data, and the online services that sell the product and sell consumer information along the way. We use our own privacy preserving strategies when obtaining the products.

The only information we receive from you are:

  1. Shipping address (which may include name), if ordering a physical product
  2. PGP public Key
  3. Email

How to best mitigate your risk with us:

  • Use a burner email. This can be a one time use email forwarding service (As a side note: You may want to be able to respond to our follow up emails, so if you use do use an email forwarding service, be sure that you can respond from it)
  • Use a fresh PGP key pair. If you are concerned about using a PGP key that has history from other accounts/services you have used previously, use a newly generated PGP key pair.
  • We ship to whatever mailing address. We will also ship to whatever alias you want. As long as you are able to receive the package, we’ll send it.There is still trust needed for a rerouter transaction but the suggestions offered above can help mitigate data leaks. We are attempting to minimize trust needed to manage orders from online vendors. There is no way to completely minimize the trust needed, especially if ordering a physical product, but your digital footprint is greatly minimized with using a privacy focused solution like the rerouter.

Comparative Advantage to Other Online Stores

  • We do not monetize your data. We are an agorist shop that is privacy focused and working towards a parallel system. Our business model is charging for the re-routing service.
  • Mandatory PGP communication. Our communication standards are vastly different than any big box provider. Data is purged once communication/order is completed.
  • XMR/BTC Payment. Our payment system runs on a privacy focused peer-to-peer system. We encourage BTC payments to be spent directly from post-mix pool.
  • Turn any of your online purchases into a BTC/XMR purchase
  • We ship to whatever location that accepts packages. CMRA’s, PO Boxes, businesses, or other shipping locations are not a problem for delivery.
  • We ship to whatever alias you want
  • No accounts needed EVER!

Our Risk Profile

We want to be able to ship whatever we can, while also providing the added benefit of privacy for the recipient. We’ve seen movements infiltrated by bad actors. We want to make sure we can ship items that wouldn’t raise a red flag or give federal agencies a potential reason for them to want to pursue us criminally.

Ultimately we have the discretion on what items we choose to ship. Items will never be paid for before the shipping method is decided on.

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