What does your privacy mean to you?

Only you can answer this question.

Valuing privacy should not feel dirty. It’s your responsibility to strengthen the controls around who has access to your information. You’re here because you want answers as to how. Taking back control IS the only answer.

Privacy and private moments shape our lives. Sharing an intimate moment with someone, and only experiencing it in that fleeting moment, knowing that this EXACT feeling could never be replicated by any software or video, is what makes this intimate moment so special. It’s a single moment in time.

Over the past several years, you can feel a measurable difference in the amount of control we have over our private lives. Governments and corporations alike extending their reach and eroding our ability to manage personal privacy. The despair in the the air is palatable. It feels easy to feel defeated. 

There is hope. 

The interenet is a chaotic place, one that plays in our favor. Tools to regain control over your provacy are at anyone’s disposal. All you need is an internet connection. Much of the planet’s collective knowledge is online. Unlimited access to virtually any information you seek. What a time. 

When it comes to the internet, everything is a nail and the web is your hammer.

The best course of action is to understand the fundamentals of the internet and privacy so you can mitigate your risks. Understand that self-responsibility and decentralization are axioms in which everything is then built on top of. The centralization of control will lead to exploitation via one route or another.

Operating throughout the day, be it your digital life or meat space life, there are tools and techniques that you can use to help maintain your privacy. You’ll be shown how. Step by step. From digital privacy to physcial security.

Understanding your environment and preparing for possible mistakes will prepare you for most of what you’ll experience. It’s not about making drastic overhauls of your life. Being intentional about every method you implement and staying updated will  bring the imporvement you seek.

Don’t stop.

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